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The net will be held on Tuesdays 8:00pm after the Ohio EMA net.


OHDEN will meet 3585 USB.

Our modes:
OLIVIA 8/500/PSK31 alt, with MT63 1K for bulletins. Freq 3585Khz, 7072khz alt.

MT63 2K on VHF/UHF with PSK as an alternate (Assigned locally)


Marshall Beverage, KD8LAV

HF Digital Net Manager


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Special Announcement..


New Frequency..  3585Khz !!

After careful thought and polling net station, it is decided that a net on Tuesdays at 630pm is unworkable. Many stations including myself find it difficult to be home that early. I recognize I originally set the time/date. Also receiving complaints that the digital net is starting while the EMA net is still active.

The Michigan Digtial net meets On Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday at 8pm at 3583, 1Khz higher than the OHDEN freq. I have received notice that we are interfering with their net when our net runs over in time. To keep away from each other and to better serve our state, I have decided to keep the net on Tuesdays but move the time to 8pm and the freq to 3585Khz. This is 3Khz up from the established Michigan net. And out of the waterfall pass band. And the later time will allow all to get home from work and settle in. And be able to check into the EMA net.



posted: 01/17/2013